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Skin Booster for glowing and radiant skin

In today's fast-paced world, maintaining healthy and glowing skin can be challenging. Factors such as pollution, stress and aging can damage our skin, leaving it dull, dehydrated and lacking vitality. Fortunately, advances in medicine have introduced innovative treatments such as skin boosters that can help rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. In this blog I will explore the benefits, procedure and expected results of the Skin Booster treatment.

What is a Skin Booster Treatment?

Skin Booster treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure designed to improve the overall quality and appearance of the skin. It involves injecting a hyaluronic acid-based gel into the skin, which helps to moisturize, nourish and stimulate collagen production. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our body that helps retain moisture and gives our skin a plump and youthful appearance.

Benefits of Skin Booster Treatment:

Improved hydration

Skin boosters work by replenishing the skin's moisture levels, resulting in improved hydration. This helps restore the skin's natural shine and suppleness, leaving it looking healthier and more radiant.

Improved skin texture

The hyaluronic acid gel used in the Skin Booster treatment helps to stimulate collagen production, which is essential for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. As a result, the treatment can help improve the overall texture of the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars.

Long-lasting results

Unlike topical skin care products that only provide temporary benefits, the Skin Booster treatment provides long-lasting results. The hyaluronic acid gel gradually breaks down over several months, stimulating the skin's natural rejuvenation process and ensuring lasting improvement.

The Skin Booster treatment procedure:


Before undergoing any Skin Booster treatment, it is important to consult a qualified doctor. You will assess your skin condition, discuss your expectations and decide whether you are suitable for the treatment.


On the day of treatment, the skin will be thoroughly cleansed and a topical anesthetic cream may be applied to minimize any discomfort during the procedure.


The injections are strategically placed in target areas such as the face, neck or hands, depending on individual needs. Using a fine needle or cannula, the Skin Booster solution is injected evenly over the treatment area, depending on the product type and desired result. The number of injections and the puncture depth may vary depending on individual requirements.

Mild redness, swelling, or bruising may occur following treatment, which should resolve within a few days.

Care after treatment:

After the procedure, it is imperative to follow the doctor's instructions for optimal results. This includes avoiding excessive sun exposure, using gentle skin care products and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Expected results:

The results of the Skin Booster treatment are usually noticeable within a few weeks as the hyaluronic acid gel begins to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Treated areas appear plumper, smoother and more radiant. Over time, collagen production is stimulated and the skin's texture and elasticity continue to improve, leaving it looking youthful and fresh.

Some examples of injectable fillers that improve skin:

Restylane Vital and Restylane Vital Light are hyaluronic acid-based fillers that were specifically developed as skin boosters. They improve skin hydration, elasticity and smoothness for a more youthful appearance. The frequency of Restylane Vital Skin Booster treatments may vary depending on individual factors and desired results. Typically, a series of Restylane Vital treatments is recommended, with each session approximately four weeks apart. The number of sessions depends on the skin assessment and the individual treatment plan. After the first series, maintenance treatments are recommended every 6-12 months to maintain results.

Profhilo is a unique injectable treatment that contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid. It stimulates collagen and elastin production, resulting in improved skin firmness, hydration and overall rejuvenation. The typical Profhilo treatment protocol includes two sessions approximately four weeks apart. During each session, multiple injections are given to specific areas of the face or body. The treatment is relatively quick and usually lasts around 30 minutes. Results from Profhilo treatment may vary, but most people notice an improvement in skin moisture and texture within a few weeks. To maintain results, maintenance treatments are typically recommended every 6-12 months.

Juvederm Volite is a dermal filler used to improve fine lines, hydration, smoothness and overall quality of the skin. It is intended to be injected into the dermis of wrinkles to plump, deeply hydrate and stimulate collagen production. The frequency of Juvederm Volite treatments may vary depending on individual needs and goals. It is usually recommended to perform only an initial treatment, followed by maintenance treatments every 6-12 months.


The Skin Booster treatment is a highly effective and minimally invasive procedure that can help restore and enhance the skin's natural beauty. By replenishing moisture, stimulating collagen production and improving skin texture, this treatment provides long-lasting results for a radiant and youthful complexion. If you want to revitalize your skin and regain your confidence, you should explore the benefits of the Skin Booster treatment by clicking on this link:


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Dr. T. Timchik


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